Construction of "Alterspace"

The first "Alterspace" Project held at Asahi Art Square will pursue "chaos" as the concept implies. Exhibitions, art events, a cafe, workshops are all co-existing in one space.

Daeil Lee, a Korean artist, will present the overall space design as one of his works. The walls and the stage will be built with cardboard collected in Japan and Korea. Cardboard is cheap, easy to collect and easy to change the shape and size. Due to such traits of cardboard, it is a perfect material describing the basic concept of "Alterspace": "The space itself is changing"; and "Temporary art space". Lee indicated that the cardboard structure "can be used freely as it can be used for display of paintings or photographs, and as installable walls." Lee has created diverse art works utilsing garbages or sound installations to provide spectators to reconsider implications of space. The idea of Alterspace was more concretised through discussion with Lee in Korea. Aside from the basic strucutre, Lee will also present sound works and an installation in Alterspace

There will be 4 exhibitions including one directly curated by MIZUTA Sayako. The other 3 exihibions would be, "Paintings for 12 months" organised by a Japanese artist Keisuke KONDO, "New Exhibiton" produced by Dokou NAKAMURA, and “遭難" by CAMP.

Kondo, in his project has presented a new work every month. With his project presented in Alterspace, the spectators will be able to appreciate not only his works, but also his text on process of creation, abstinence and experimental aspect of his works. This will be new experimental approach for an artist to present his/her works more actively to the public.

Dokou NAKAMURA will call open for his "New Exhibition", Project and select 10 artists among applicants to introduce them in "Alterspace". During the period of "Alterspace" each selected artists will be given 1 day for exhibition and his or her work will be removed on the next day. With his project, how artists build up relationships with the spectators will be recorded and archived for the next show. CAMP and Keiske will also hold talk event relating to their projects.

On the stage for talk events, there will be "Reading Project" by Nakaoka Daiske, and a talk event and lectures of a Korean art critic, Nam Soo Kim and a Chinese curator Fang Lu, hosted by comos-tv.

In addition, Nagaoka Daiske will hold a workshop with the title of "Saramuduru". During this game-style workshop, participants may freely cut texts from books and magazines and recompose new texts. There also will be another workshop of animation production organised by Matsumoto Chikara.
A cafe will be open in the venue throughout the period of "Alterspace". Spectators are highly recommended to engage in conversations with artists or to participate in workshops while enjoying coffee or beer according to their tastes.